Aqua One Canister Filters

Aqua One Aquis 1000Aqua One Aquis 1200

Aqua One Canister filters at unbeatable prices. These filters come with Bio Balls, Noodles, Sponges, Filter Wool, Pipes, Hoses, Taps ect. Australia’s most popular filter with a 3 year warrantee.

Our Sale Prices: AQUIS 500 $109   AQUIS 700 $119   AQUIS 1000 $139   AQUIS 1200 $149

Aqua Manta Canister Filters

Aqua Manta EFX 1000UAqua Manta EFX 1500U

Aqua Manta Canister Filters are Aqua One’s Top of the line models. These come with all the High End Filtration Media such as Sintered Glass Noodles, Ceramic Substrate, Carbon Pads, Phosphate Pads, as well as all the Pipes, Hoses, Taps ect. What sets the Aqua Manta apart from other filters is its self prime button and its built in UVC.

Self Prime Button: when starting the filter all you do is press the button on the top of the filter. It starts to sucks in water from your tank and starts up your filter. You don’t even have to fill the canister with water, it happens all automatic. Anyone who has tried to start a canister before will know how handy this feature is. Great canister for both the novice and the seasoned fish enthusiast. Comes with 2+1 year warrantee upon registration.

UVB Steriliser Button: another great feature, able to be switched on and off from a button on the top of the canister.This feature helps with the control of algae by destroying any free floating algal spores with high intensity uv light as they pass through the filter. Another benefit is by controlling the spread of diseases, parasites and other diseases, spreading between fish. Any free floating pathogens that pass through the uv filter will be destroyed, therefore cutting down on the spread of diseases between tank mates. The uv can be switched off when medicating fish or dosing with beneficial bacterial products.

Our Sale Prices: EFX1000UVC  $199   EFX1500UVC $250